A birthday present to stand on

It's my birthday today and my wife bought me a new pair of Shimano XT SPDs for my fixie.

Up to now I've been riding with the pedals off my old Ribble, but they've suffered a bit with a couple of crashes that have left them a little bruised, as you can see below.  Unfortunately I fitted the new pedals before taking a snapshot for comparison, but let it be said they look lovely and shiny (until the first ride in the rainrolls eyes).

Some rather tatty-looking pedals

Some rather tatty-looking pedals

The argument for and against SPDs versus road pedals is not worth it: at the sharp end if your pace is above evens — faster than 32kph or 20mph — then road pedals will make an incremental difference to pace.  However, walking around shops buying food at 3am in road shoes can be dangerous in wet weather, and SPD-type shoes win hands-down every time you have to walk anywhere at all really. 

I use SPDs on both road bikes now — my fixie and my old Ribble — as well as the Brompton, although the Brompton's pedals have a noticeable amount of play in the axle, but they were still good for 6000km last year!

UPDATE 10 January 2016

I rode out with CTC today with these pedals.  As it happened, the SPD shoes were brilliant when I had to literally run across a field and a small wood to fetch a lady's husband after she'd fallen off her bike and face-planted just down the road.  It wouldn't've been fun to do so in road shoes!

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